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Within a few hours of China in the East and India to the West, Singapore is a strategic geographic hub for the region and the world’s gateway to Asia. Beyond its convenient location, Singapore is a nation firmly rooted in the principles of multi-culturalism, the rule of law and one of the best places in the world for conducting business.

And there is more to the country than its world class infrastructure, award winning airport and low crime rates. Singapore’s multi-cultural, multi-lingual population provides the country with a unique cultural sensitivity that is difficult to find in other countries anywhere in the world. It is this ability to apply international standards to local customs that makes both Singapore and Global Law Alliance exceptional.

As the world becomes a smaller place, cross-border transactions are increasingly the norm. Yet, Asia is not a homogeneous geography but a collection of diverse countries, each with their own culture, legal system and business practices. Clients no longer need isolated legal advice but a business partner with the legal knowledge, business acumen and cultural sensitivity to guide them through an increasingly complex landscape. Global Law Alliance is uniquely positioned to provide high quality service to clients as a trusted business partner.

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Our Practice Areas

Banking & Structured Trade Finance

Formation of foreign banks in Singapore and ongoing compliance matters, anti-money laundering regulations, and other applicable laws

Corporate Finance & Capital Markets

Equity and debt funding by way of public offerings, venture capital investments, private placement memorandums, rights issues, issue of warrants, bonds and convertible securities

Matrimonial Law, Estate & Succession Planning

Divorces with cross-border elements, relocation applications and advising clients on taking out applications in Singapore


Employment law, work pass and permanent residency applications, reviewing employment agreements and handbooks, termination of employees, non-compete clauses and employment-related disputes

Fintech & Payment Services

Distributed Ledger Technology (“DLT”), Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and payments services, Payment Services Act 2019 and requirements for the application of a digital banking license with the MAS


Corporate & Commercial

Corporate secretarial services, regulatory advice and compliance, corporate governance, general legal consultancy, contract drafting and review, employment and labour law assistance, immigration and tax advice

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